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MediaWiki version 1.14.0 release

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Finally MediaWiki releases version 1.14.0, its 2009 Q1 branch. This release has increased the number of interface text fragments to 311,000 which include 298 languages which quintuples version 1.13.0. All this is achieved due to the community.
MediaWiki implements integrative model of its development promising to gladden web masters with its releases every quarter. Each latest release is expected to run smoothly provided with all necessary security updates and fixed bugs which you could experience in previous versions of MediaWiki.
You will enjoy the improvements and innovations with every next quarterly release watching MediaWiki becoming better and stronger granting you with more powerful features.

If you want to dwell on a technical details read full release information.

For those who don’t want to use branch release there is a code available from source control.

Download MediaWiki version 1.14.0

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