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Clean is a mediawiki template, as the name itself suggests it is aimed at user-friendliness. Facilitated shotcuts for new pages, easily changed layout and drop down menus are its essential features.


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13 Responses to “Clean mediawiki template”

  1. john Says:

    I get the following error with the clean template:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’, expecting T_FUNCTION in D:\Wiki\skins\clean.php on line 379

  2. jegman Says:

    was john’s response ever remedied?

  3. suamor Says:

    To fix this add a “}” (without quotes) near the end of the file.

  4. Lourenzo Ferreira Says:

    Hi! Nice work!

    I’d like to report a bug I’ve fixed:

    When I installed the theme in a Brazilian Portuguese translated installation, some punctuation were show wrong, some not.

    Well, reading the source code I’ve seen a lot of strtolower functions, which cause a charset mess because of a bug in PHP’s UTF-8 support.

    So, I’ve added the following call in the first lines of the execute() method of the skin class:

    setlocale ( LC_CTYPE, ‘C’ );

    This fixed the bug my setting the charset to POSIX, so strtolower can keep the UTF-8 chars in the returned values.

    Thanks, and I hope it helps

  5. chessyang Says:

    anyone know how to put the Nav back on the right side? or next to the help?

  6. David Says:

    @chessyang there is a book on designingf for mw -

  7. Fenzik Says:


    I’m not able to view the editor in this style. Any one can help me, how to fix it.


  8. Giulio Says:

    very nice theme thanks,

    I’ve got a problem with it though: in my Wiki I use syntax highlight geshi and semantic mediawiki:

    it seems that the CSS for them gets broken in this and other skins from this website.

    any idea on how to solve that?


  9. Martijn Says:


    Can anyone answer the following for me?

    How and where can I add new pulldown list menus and where can I edit the current one (’wiki’)?


  10. Phil Says:

    I also use GeSHi syntax highlighting, and cannot figure out for the life of me how to fix it for this. Ideas?

  11. cleanSkinRockz Says:

    dear Fenzik:

    if you can’t see the edit button and IF you are actually logged in you have to update to a more recent mediawiki version. i don’t remember well which version i had installed maybe 1.08 and using 1.14 now works very well


  12. Prashanth Says:

    Could you let me know how to change the logo (the sunflower with mine?). I tried replacing the wikismall.logo.gif in the skins folder, right now nothing is displaying.

    Btw, this is one of THE BEST skins I have used! Thanks.

  13. Waldemar Says:

    Mediawiki Clean Skin funktioniert wunderbar!

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