Mediawiki template: Enhanced Relief

Want to make your Mediawiki-driven website noticeable? Then you should stop your searching here. Today’s offer is Enhanced Relief mediawiki template. Designed in green, yellow and blue colors, it features 2 columns, left sidebar. This free template is compatible with Mediawiki v1.6 and 1.7.

Mediawiki template: Enhanced Relief

Mediawiki template: Enhanced Relief


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3 Responses to “Mediawiki template: Enhanced Relief”

  1. Sharon Yang Says:

    Hi, I like your two columns and blue, green ,etc. But when I downloaded the skin and put it on in my mediawiki, it does not look the same skin. Where is the beautiful skin you are showing on this page?

  2. Meela Ribeiro Says:

    Hi. As Sharon, i really liked this skin, but when i downloaded it, appeared a skin totally different, like that generic skins, made only with html.
    Can you send me the skin you’re supposed to provide here?


  3. Giulio Says:

    It’s the fratman enhanced skin appearing there, that’s nice too… but it’s not what we expect.

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