MistyLook mediawiki template

MistyLook is an elegant mediawiki skin; its minimalist style along with simplicity, usability and pleasant-to-eye look will bring the theme more and more popularity. MistyLook mediawiki template was released on the basis of a wordpress theme developed by Sadish Bala. The author has put a lot of care and attention in it, and I believe you will like this free mediawiki template.

Mistylook mediawiki template

Mistylook mediawiki template


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9 Responses to “MistyLook mediawiki template”

  1. Jim Canup Says:

    I have downloaded and installed the MistyLook skin. It looks great and kudos to the developer. I have a question:

    The Search Bar is to close to the top and is hiding the Help:Contents and SiteName:Site_Support tabs. I have added increased padding to the main.css for style #navigation ul li.search input#searchsubmit, but all that does is move the Search Bar behind the Container. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do to fix this?



  2. Jane Says:

    Hi, Sir:

    I’ve downloaded this template and installed into our website: http://www.cn0km.com/. It looks great, great thanks for you.

    Best Regards.


  3. Rey Says:

    I have one dude!

    How i can put the tool bar in the “edition menu” ?

    It’s means that it show me the buttons Italic,Bold, Insert Image, etc etc

    Thanks a lot!!!

  4. Rey Says:

    I have one dude
    How I can put the “tool bar” in the “edition menu”?

    It’s means That it show me the buttons : Italic, Bold, Insert Image etc….

    Thanks a lot my friend!

  5. Kyle Says:

    This style turn mediawiki into someth more like a blog, lol~~
    Great work, especially the layout.

    I plan to use this skin on moer sites

  6. Getting MediaWiki up and running « Clare’s notes on setting up Wordpress and MediaWiki sites Says:

    [...] a theme: I tried theirs and then downloaded and uploaded Mistylook http://mediawiki2u.com/2008/01/mistylook-mediawiki-template/ into the skins folder to match the wordpress [...]

  7. Demonstar Says:

    As Rey said, is there a way to put the toolbar in the edition page?

  8. Demonstar Says:

    I just found a way to solve the toolbar problem, look at: http://bavatuesdays.com/mistylook-theme-for-mediawiki-toolbar-fix/

  9. Laura Mooney Says:

    I downloaded the theme and I love it but I was wondering if anyone knew how to make it wider? I would like it to go to the edges of the site rather than such wide margins. Any ideas is greatly appreciated.



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