Mediawiki Skin for FlaternalRefief

This mediawiki template was created by Jason Pearce - Indianapolis web developer. He built a wiki for all flaternal organizations and released FlaternalRelief theme to better facilite Hurricane Katrina relief efforts for Lambda Chi Alpha members.

Mediawiki Skin for FlaternityRefief

Mediawiki Skin for FlaternityRefief


2 Responses to “Mediawiki Skin for FlaternalRefief”

  1. Martin Sauter Says:

    Well, actually it’s FraternalRelief, not FlaternityRefief…

    Besides that: I’m very glad having found your website - I was sick of the good old Monobook skin, and your site is the best collection of MediaWiki skins I’ve found so far. Thanks!

  2. Kyle Says:

    IMO, yet another good skin. I would have applied this skin to my site:, but I want a slight modification , that the banner can be a Flash, not just a static image.

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