Dusk mediawiki skin

The Dusk skin was heavily influenced by the great WordPress theme by Becca Wei. It is a good blend of valid XHTML/CSS and twilight colors. To install the theme extract the files to your skin folder. Compatible with Mediawiki 1.6.

Dusk mediawiki skin

Dusk mediawiki skin


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2 Responses to “Dusk mediawiki skin”

  1. uhlersoth Says:

    Simply the best MediaWiki skin I’ve ever had the fortune to stumble upon. Unfortunately, I now compare all other skins to this one, and have yet to find one that does not come up short. Dusk is quite unique.

  2. darren Says:

    hi there, that’s a fantastic skin. I was wondering if you knew of a way to take it and use it for a bog-standard website instead of using it for a wiki. I’d love a website that looks like the skin, but am just starting off with the whole skins and php and whatnot. anyhoo, great work, keep it up!

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